Sunday, December 22, 2013

Littlest Pet Shop Shows I Like

Shows I Enjoy

Hi this is my new blog and i decided to make a blog entry about  Littlest Pet Shop Shows I like.

1. More Than That: AllyLpsTv/CometLori. ________________________________________________

This show is about Valerie & Brian (Main Characters) who WERE Best Friends since they were kids. Valerie was one day at school and was talking to her friend Jessica (Main Character) about how Brian was her Rival. She told Jessica about how they became rivals. When Valerie & Brian were at the park together one day, Brian stole Valerie's teddy bear. Valerie got mad at Brian and they decided to go seperate ways. She still thought about it since then. Jessica thought it was a weird reason to hate him. Valerie just ignored her and went to class. {Social Studies} was where Jessica, Valerie, and...Brian went to class. Brian came in and Valerie got very shocked. Brian went to the available seat next to Valerie. He asked her "Is This Seat Taken?" Valerie said No. After class they met in the hallway. They started walking around in a circle.and started fighting quietly. But, after Episode #4 {The Grand Ball} they started to like eachother. Veronica (Main Character) was also enemies with Valerie. After Season 1, Valerie broke up with Brian because they were feeling uncomfortable. Veronica changed her name to Samantha and got a new look. Brian became Veronica's Boyfriend ever since Valerie & Brian's breakup. Valerie decided to become a couple with John. (Main Character). After Season 3 & 4, It got a little intense. Shooting and stuff. 

2. Friendly Complications: WaterTailsShow

This show is about Florence Jamie who gets bullied at school. Tiffany and Simone are the bullies. They are in the same class as Florence. So she writes notes to her like "You Smell Weird". Destiny told her she would give her a new look so Tiffany wouldn't bully her anymore. So she did. She looked like this

Florence became popular and Destiny felt left out so she became a group with Tiffany & Simone
They  kidnapped Florence, taped her mouth  shut, taped her to a chair, & trapped her in abandoned department  store.  Florence got to school the next day and Tiffany, Simone, & Destiny were hanging out. Tiffany told Florence to tell everyone they were ugly, stupid, weird looking, nerds, and complete dorks. Did I tell you yet? Florence also has a crush on Tiffany's boyfriend Logan. Logan broke up with Tiffany though.
The dance was coming up and Logan asked Florence. When they went, Tiffany got everyones attention  and told Florence's secret. Florence's secret was she wanted everyone to think her name was Jamie Florence and people like Logan would notice her. So, Florence's secret was blabbed by Tiffany. Logan broke up with Florence and Florence got humiliated. 

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